What do you look for when trying to choose Catering Services In San Diego? Don’t settle for second best chat to a company who is prepared to work with you to get the most bang for your buck. Remember that they should be able to offer you dishes that suit your personal taste and the experience you and your guests deserve.

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Since there are quite a number of factors that play in whenever you are picking the right Catering Services In San Diego, it is important that you look with a careful eye. Here are some of the qualifications that must pass your standards:

    • Expect nothing less than the best. No matter how much you’ll be paying them, remember that you deserve only the best. Don’t settle for food options that do not fit your personal taste. Most catering services offer a free taste test of the dishes they will serve at your event, be sure to avail of that. It will give you an idea of how serious they are in delivering only what you want.
    • Catering services are referred to as such because it is not just about the food or the arrangements. It is also about how they serve the guests and cater to their needs. You don’t demand to be treated like royalty, but at least with utmost respect as a guest. Customer service is a vital part of a great dining experience and it is important that your catering service company is able to provide that for you and your guests.
    • Nothing beats a catering services company that is able to transform any venue into the perfect place for your event. The ambiance is perfected with all the right decorations that will complete the dining experience that you and your guests deserve. No matter how simple the decorations may seem, they play a big role in ensuring that your guests all have a good time.

Rotisserie Affair has been catering special events throughout southern California for more than 27 years. While we can prepare many traditional catering services, we are known mostly for our unique “cooked on-site” rotisseries. Developed by chef/owner Kevin Fisher, the rotisserie ovens are safe, clean, smoke-free and self-contained. The mobility and versatility of our ovens gives us the ability to provide freshly prepared foods on-site. Our method of rotisserie cooking is to let hot air circulate around the meat evenly in a dry, enclosed atmosphere. This process maintains the moisture and natural juices intensifying the flavor, thus producing a tender, juicy meat with superior taste and aroma. Cooking the foods in a smoke-free oven with clean burning propane means the foods are better for you and better for the environment.

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