Yes, it’s your wedding and you should do what you please, but anyone who’s been involved in wedding planning knows it’s never as simple as that.

Here are some guidelines to make sure that you don’t leave anything out.

Wedding Planning

Week 1

Set your budget
Pick a date and decide what types of events you want to have
Decide where to have your ceremony, reception, and other events
Book your venues
Decide who you want in your bridal party and ask them
Start on guest lists and ask parents to start on theirs
Look into photographers, videographers, caterers, entertainment, and music
Organize how you want to keep track of vendor contact information, prices, and payments
Choose your colors and theme
Begin shopping for a dress
Congratulations! You’re engaged! You’ve found the love of your life, the guy who swept you off your feet and was brave enough to get down on one knee and ask you the question

Week 2

Book your photographer for your engagement pictures, bridal photos, and wedding day
Book your videographer, caterer, entertainment, and music
Pick out clothes for your engagement photos
Organize the addresses for your guest list to make it easy to send invitations
Begin looking into apartments/housing for after the wedding
Decide on a dress and have your first fitting
Schedule engagement photos and bridal photos

Week 3

Find a florist and decide on flowers
Hire any remaining vendors for things like invitations, wedding cake, photo booth, ice sculptures, or linens
Book hair and makeup for the wedding day and for any photo shoots
Take engagement photos
Register for wedding gifts
Finalize your guest list for all of your events
Now that you have your wedding date set in stone, you can find your hair and makeup dream team and make sure they’re free all the days you’ll need them.
Look in all the new wedding magazines to find your perfect florist and get the ball rolling so they’ll know what to expect.
Then, on the weekend, have a blast taking your engagement photos!

Week 4

Plan the wedding luncheon or rehearsal dinner program
Pick out dresses and tuxes for the bridal party
Send the groom to find his tuxedo
Plan the honeymoon
Pick out and order invitations
This week, make sure your fiance is doing his part by finding his wedding day attire. You can even shop for your bridesmaids’ dresses while he’s trying on ties.
Order your invitations this week so you can send them out far enough in advance.
Take some time for the fun stuff by planning your post-wedding getaway.

Week 5

Contact friends and family that live out of town so they can make travel arrangements
Plan the details of your ceremony
Shop for wedding rings
Shop for decorations for the ceremony, reception, and other events
Take a break from the craziness this week and go wild registering for gifts with your future hubby!
It’s also time to find his ring and make sure it will arrive in time for the wedding. Basically, it’s just a whole week of shopping. Can’t complain there!

Week 6

Stuff and address announcements
Shop for accessories and shoes
Have your second dress fitting
Order your wedding cake
Plan the details of your reception, including pictures and signs you want to display
It’s time to set aside a few hours to sit down and stuff those invitations. Invite your bridesmaids over, turn on some tunes, and make a party out of it!
Make sure you leave time to order your ideal cake and have your next dress fitting.

How to choose the best wedding caterer
Week 7

Mail your invitations
Decide on an apartment or where to live
Meet with any vendors to discuss plans or taste food
Book a limo or other mode of transportation to exit the wedding
Coordinate with mom and other family members about their outfits for the big day
Make pedicure and manicure appointments for the day before
You’re halfway there! The wedding is only six weeks away which means it’s high
time to mail your invitations. Drop them by the post office on your way to check
out some last apartment options before you make your decision of where to live.
And don’t forget to set up those mani and pedi appointments!

Week 8

Create a playlist or request list for your DJ/band
Shop for cake cutter, guest book, garter, and other accessories
Start on any DIY projects you have planned
Begin packing and moving things into your new home
Things are finally slowing down and you’ll be relieved to know that you have most of the big things squared away. This week you can stay home and do some
crafting while listening to the wedding playlist you and your fiancé put together.

Week 9

Arrange for time off work, including your wedding day, the day before, and the time you will be on your honeymoon
Pick up the rings
Pick up your dress
Send the groom to pick up his tuxedo
Get excited, because you get to pick up all your stuff – dress, tuxedo, and rings!
Just make sure you keep that gown away from the groom… can’t have him seeing it before the big day! Double check that you have all the days off work
that you need so you don’t get an angry phone call from your boss interrupting your honeymoon.

Week 10

Take bridal photos
Finish any DIY decorations
Create seating arrangements and placement cards
Finish up those DIY projects and then head out to get that extremely important document – your marriage license.
Spend some time planning reception details before putting on your dress and taking photos this weekend.

Week 11

Contact guests who have not RSVP’d
Finalize details with any vendors, photographers, and videographers
Shop for and wrap bridal party gifts
Delegate responsibilities, including who is bringing what, who is setting up and decorating, who is manning the gift table, and who is bringing gifts and decorations home
We’re getting down to the wire, but luckily there’s not too much left to do! Just
make sure everything is good to go with your vendors, contact any last guests, and get something special to give your bridesmaids for all their help!

Week 12

Give your caterer the final headcount
Pack for your honeymoon
Pay any bills that will be due while you’re gone
Send the groom to get a haircut
It’s your last week as a single lady. How do you feel? There’s only a few things left and then you’ll be changing your title from “fiance” to “wife.”

The Day Before

Get a manicure and pedicure
Eat light, healthy meals
Go to bed early
Wow, it’s here. The day before the big day. Everything for the wedding is done, so make sure you take some time to relax. Head to the spa, eat healthy, and get
some sleep. Before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle!

The Wedding Day

Relax and have fun!
Congratulations! You made it! Take everything in. Today will be one of the best
days of your life. Remember, the most important thing is that you are getting
married to the love of your life. No one but you will know if something isn’t quite
right! Just let yourself enjoy today and soak up every moment!

We at Rotisserie Affair have been part of the wedding planning process having catered hundreds of weddings. Gives us a call and let us help you too.

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