You will always be spending more on catering than any other detail of your wedding day, so you want to Ask Your Wedding Caterer these questions to make sure that you’re working only with the best. Take the time to get to know more about the potential wedding caterers that you have in San Diego. All of them will promise you good food, but not all of them will be able to deliver. Apart from the usual food tasting event, it is highly important that you remember to ask them questions too. There is a lot about catering that is not all about food.

Wondering what these questions could be?

Here are the top seven questions you must not forget to ask your wedding caterer.

1. Do you specialize in any dish or perhaps a food service? A memorable wedding is made up of love and a lot of delicious foods. Find a caterer who can give you a special menu set.

2. Can I taste the food that will be served before making a hiring decision? You should taste the food before your big day. Set the schedule and make it happen.

3. What is the average rate that you offer? Is the cost computed based on the dishes you choose or do they offer a flat rate with a standard menu set. Make sure that you have enough room in your budget to cover these.

4. Will you be there on my wedding day? The involvement of the caterer on your wedding day will only reassure you that you have picked the right one. You need to make sure that they care for your wedding as much as you do, at least on the aspect of food.

5. Will they be the ones to provide the tables and chairs too? If they do not, it is easy to find rentals for these in San Diego.

6. Who do I need to talk to about my concerns for catering? They should give you one contact person for all your catering concerns, especially during the wedding day itself.

7. Will the caterer be accepting other bookings on the day of your wedding? You don’t want to get only half of the services that you paid for full, right? Make sure you get all these sorted out.

If you could think of what to ask your wedding caterer, what do you think it would be?

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