The San Diego Deputy Sheriff’s Association decided to arrange a Sheriff Christmas Day Meal for all on duty deputies.

They contacted Rotisserie Affair Catering to see how we could help. This was not just a case of preparing 650 Sheriff Christmas day meals but also planning the logistics. We needed to deliver these meals in a very specific window starting at 3pm and ending at 5.30pm covering a distance of over 150 miles.

The furthest stop to the north was the Vista detention facility and to the south the George Bailey detention center. In between were all the sheriff stations as well. A further challenge was to get enough drivers on Christmas day to help with this task.

At 2pm the drivers starting gathering at our kitchen in Miramar and by 2.30pm they were on the road helping to make sure that this Sheriff Christmas day meal was going to be a success.

We are pleased to say that the whole operation went off without a hitch and it was very satisfying to see so many smiling faces and appreciative deputies at the various locations.

As you can see we do not just get involved in traditional catering but handle many special events like this one with a whole variety of menus either standard or custom, full service or pickup. Whatever your needs we will do our best to accommodate.

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