Over the years more and more companies have approached us for their Corporate Catering needs. These have taken the form of a picnic, formal lunch or just a casual thanks to their staff.

Corporate Catering

This time of year corporate catering keeps us especially busy as companies both big and small use us for their seasonal catering events. We live in a city with outstanding weather year around and we are registered at many venues that take advantage of this.

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Our most popular menu for these events has been our All American BBQ with some companies really wishing to turn things up a notch with our Main Affair menu. Having said this we have a whole range of menus to choose from.

Why Choose Us?

Rotisserie Affair has been catering special events including corporate catering throughout southern California for more than 30 years. While we can prepare many traditional catering services, we are known mostly for our unique “cooked on-site” rotisseries.

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Developed by chef/owner Kevin Fisher, the rotisserie ovens are safe, clean, smoke-free and self-contained. The mobility and versatility of our ovens gives us the ability to provide freshly prepared foods on-site. Our method of rotisserie cooking is to let hot air circulate around the meat evenly in a dry, enclosed atmosphere. This process maintains the moisture and natural juices intensifying the flavor, thus producing a tender, juicy meat with superior taste and aroma. Cooking the foods in a smoke-free oven with clean burning propane means the foods are better for you and better for the environment.

By placing specially designed carving trays on the rotisserie oven, the chef carves directly from the rotisserie, thus maintaining foods at the proper temperatures and insuring fast, unsurpassed service. Utilizing chafing dishes, steam trays or grills, the rotisserie oven turns into a hot buffet service bar capable of serving an unlimited variety of hot menu items. The oven storage compartments maintain food supplies at the proper safe temperatures. This eliminates the conventional pre-cooking and re-heating methods, thereby guaranteeing freshness and quality.

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