Rotisserie Affair has been around for 30 years, and it’s simply one of the best catering options in San Diego. They serve mouthwatering chicken just like a lot of other companies, but they have an extra special oven that is all their own, and that truly makes them a “cut” above.

Amanda, the Rotisserie Affair events coordinator, doesn’t actually know the official epithet of the oven, but she tells us it’s patented and that Rotisserie Affair are the only ones in the world who own it. The oven gives the cooking meat no direct contact with flame; rather, it cooks with hot air, so it’s far less carcinogenic and doesn’t burn the meat to a crisp. This smokeless design allows Rotisserie Affair to cook indoors in unexpected places, like cubicles. The oven itself is extremely small—it can fit into an elevator and the company has fed people as high up as the 75th story of an office building. Once they even packed their oven in a helicopter and flew out to the tip of the USS Reagan, feeding hundreds of seamen. But its certainly not limited by its compactness: one oven can feed 1,000 people, cooking 75 large chickens in just two hours. The chef cooks and carves the meat onsite (they can also deliver pre-cooked meat, if preferred), where guests can witness the food turning and whet their appetites. Once the chef begins carving, the guests can point to certain cuts and choose exactly the spot they want to dine on.

Rotisserie Affair’s specialty is whole-roasted pigs. This type of roasting has been popular since the middle ages, when a servant had to rotate the spit. It might seem a little gruesome to witness the whole pig skewered, but it’s a fascinating tradition, seemingly embedded in human nature.

Rotisserie Affair offers a lot more than just chicken and pork. They’re a full-service catering company with plenty of options accommodating every dietary restriction. They even own two certified kosher ovens blessed by rabbis. You can create a catering menu from scratch, choosing from a huge variety of items like pork ribs, roasted red potatoes and pasta salad. Amanda recommends the prime rib because the fat is so evenly circulated. The most popular items, however, are pulled pork sandwiches and tri-tip. 

Rotisserie Affair also offers pre-created menus with exotic themes like Mediterranean, Hawaiian and Mexican.

Their ice cream carts, cutely titled Ice Cream Affair, are the perfect finishing flourish for your event. You can order a “normal” ice cream cart, ice cream sandwiches, a sundae bar, fondue, sorbet or gelato. RA also offers well-priced party rentals and entertainment like fire eaters. Whatever you’ve got in mind for your event, Rotisserie Affair has you covered.

Owner and founder Kevin Fisher has roots in the hospitality industry, traveling the world and working in hotels in far-off places like Germany. He was working as a general manager at the L’Auberge and preparing to throw a party for a group of investors when he looked in the yellow pages and hired a rotisserie. The company was supposed to serve from 6 to 8 PM, but arrived late. Kevin was worried, but marveled at how quickly the food was served. Inspired, he redesigned the machine into the patented oven that Rotisserie Affair uses to this very day, and opened his own rotisserie business. One afternoon he received a call from a woman holding a volunteer appreciation party; she wanted to feed 400 people, yet not pay a cent. Kevin was reluctant but obliged, not expecting anything to come of it but wasted food. But then KUSI, FOX and the Union Tribune showed up and gave Rotisserie Affair immense coverage. Kevin’s phone rang off the hook Monday morning and the rest was history.

Today Rotisserie Affair is doing better business than ever, including FINE events and charitable work with organizations such as Bells of Freedom, Challenged Athletes Foundation and Children’s Hospital. They’re well-established and ready to scorch a whole pig in front of your guests.

The best news for the non-party throwing plebs: on Thursday and Friday, for $16 per person, RA opens up their all-you-can-eat buffet. You can find it on 7313 Carroll Road near several breweries, including Ballast Point, which is perfect because rotisserie and beer are a match made in heaven. You don’t have to have a grand wedding to enjoy Rotisserie Affair.

This article by CATHERINE SINOW of Fine Magazine 

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