Believe it or not there are many national food days dedicating a particular day in the month to celebrate a particular type of food.

Staff appreciation events are a great way to boost morale. Providing food to your workforce can really help to build loyalty. It has been shown that up to 80% of employees surveyed said that were motivated to improve performance if they were included in the appreciation events.

So, if you are struggling to think of a food theme why not take a look at what’s being celebrated on the day of your choice and build a menu around the food of the day.

For example:-

National Lemonade Day
National Egg Day
International Picnic Day
National Ice Cream Sundae Day
National Hot & Spicy Food Day

In fact there is a complete national food days calendar that you can refer to in order to get some ideas. Once you have scanned the options then take a look at our extensive selection of menus and talk to us about combining one of them with the national food of the day.

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