Mediterranean food seems to be based on the cultural worship for the olive tree, and its influence branches out similar to that of an olive tree.

The diverse region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea is highly characterized by its distinct food flavors.

The sea from which it gets is named is vast, stretching from the Straits of Gibraltar to the coasts of Turkey and the near Middle East, with North Africa and much of Southern Europe in between. Mediterranean food is also widely believed to be the “Food of the Gods” by ancient civilizations.

The easy Mediterranean recipes which generally consisted oil, wine and bread as basics, were famous all over the Mediterranean in classic cultures. The discovery of America led to the integration of new healthy Mediterranean recipes in the Mediterranean food cuisine.

The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes the importance of people eating healthfully together among family and friends. The act of cooking, eating, and cleaning up a meal is something that is done with others. Between demanding jobs and busy personal schedules, many of us have gotten away from sitting down together at the kitchen table.

There  are a number of typical ingredients used when preparing Mediterranean food. Combining these ingredients in various ways along with some fresh or dried herbs can create fabulous tasting dressings, grilling or roasting glazes for marinades, sauces, dips for lean meat, fish or vegetable dishes.

There is some evidence that:-

Olive oil contains compounds which maintain a healthy heart and reduces cholesterol
Garlic may possess qualities which enhance the immune system and which reduce the risk of blood clots
Chili, dried contains antioxidants which may protect the body from harmful chemicals
Honey – the natural sweetener may have antimicrobial properties
Balsamic vinegar can reduce the glycaemic index of foods, reducing the fast “dumping” of sugars from carbohydrates..
Nuts and seeds are rich in antioxidants, minerals and natural oils
Tomato puree or tinned tomatoes contain lycopenes and add flavour and texture to foods
Lemon juice also reduces glycaemic index and is a great source of vitamin C

At Rotisserie Affair we have chosen the typical dishes from the various regions in creating our Mediterranean Affair menu

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