What better excuse do you have not to have American catering BBQ on your next family occasion? Though barbeques are perfect during spring and summer, they can be very good too for the other two colder seasons. The grilled dishes will bring in the hot and flaming flavour to break the ice. Apart from the smoke of the grill that you are not very fond of, what do you think about serving barbeque on your next party?

Perhaps, like a lot of people, you think grilling those fatty burgers and high-fat sausages is just going to add more and more pounds. Well, don’t fret just yet. It might be a surprise to know that grilling is one of the healthiest ways of cooking. You can grill fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables and have that perfectly healthy meal to serve your guests. Here are a couple of cool dishes you can serve with everything grilled.

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This Middle Eastern dish can be a very inspiring form of a dish that is truly healthy. Instead of the regular meat that comes in it, you can add tofu and the usual veggies like the tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions and peppers. If you have guests that love meat, you can use lean meat instead of tofu and still come up with a deliciously healthy dish wrapped in pita bread – a good source of carbohydrates and energy.

Marinated Chicken

Rotisserie Affair chicken
You have to pick the right kind of bbq marinade for the chicken. Pick the chicken breast minus all the fatty skin and dip it in a marinade, made with olive oil. When served with slices of green mango on the side, you can have that perfectly grilled chicken breast devoured by all your guests. The look on their face after eating will say they are totally happy.

Rotisserie Affair Salmon

Instead of the usual grilled spareribs, you can serve this instead. It is the best alternative for meat. You simply have to wrap that fish slice in a foil and put it in the grill. Not only will you keep the succulent flavour in, but you will be able to serve it perfectly.

American bbq eating doesn’t have to be unhealthy. With those fruits and vegetables on the grill, you can get American catering bbq on your next event and feed your guests some healthy.

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