Corporate Picnics

Corporate picnics are a great way to reward your staff for a job well done.

Employees really appreciate a day out of the office, breathing in fresh air and eating good food. Here are some important tips for your next corporate summer picnic:

Coordinate with an outside caterer to handle all of the setup and menu options. This will help ensure that you don’t have to provide too much equipment or set-up yourself.

6 important points for the perfect picnic

Anyone who’s ever hosted a large party knows the difficulty in coordinating everything so that it all comes together at the end.

Corporate Picnics
Corporate Picnics

If you have space on-site, why not let us prepare your food using our cooked on site rotisserie method of cooking? This way we can cook all of your food there on site, and serve everything piping hot in our disposable chafing dishes. We’ll even do setup for you. With a rotisserie or barbecue grill setup right at the party location, everyone will be able to gather right around for fresh grilled meals where they are served fresh off of the grill.

Need a venue? We have many to choose from including the magnificent USS Midway.

Benefits of Corporate Picnics

Recognize your employees for their hard work, help them build relationships, or reward them and their families—there’s no bad reason for a company picnic! When San Diego is full of incredible options for where to go and what to do, why not take the opportunity to get outside and have some fun?


We have many menus to choose from , and we are prepared to cater any size picnic, any time of year. We’ll provide the chafing dishes and set your event up superbly, with picnic tables, chairs, decorations or tents… whatever you need!

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Corporate picnic catering should be as easy as hiring a picnic caterer like Rotisserie Affair Catering.

If you want to get an idea what the food will look and taste like make sure to set up an appointment to visit our tasting room. There, we’ll make your picnic menu selections and walk you through the picnic catering process.

Have any doubts? See what other customers are saying about us.

Rotisserie Affair has been catering special events throughout southern California for more than 30 years. While we can prepare many traditional catering services, we are known mostly for our unique “cooked on-site” rotisseries.

Developed by chef/owner Kevin Fisher, the rotisserie ovens are safe, clean, smoke-free and self-contained. The mobility and versatility of our ovens gives us the ability to provide freshly prepared foods on-site. Our method of rotisserie cooking is to let hot air circulate around the meat evenly in a dry, enclosed atmosphere. This process maintains the moisture and natural juices intensifying the flavor, thus producing a tender, juicy meat with superior taste and aroma. Cooking the foods in a smoke-free oven with clean burning propane means the foods are better for you and better for the environment.

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