Summer will soon be upon us and it’s time to start thinking about your next corporate picnic. No, we’re not talking about pre-prepared burgers, pizza, cold cuts, sandwiches etc. We’re talking about real wholesome cooked on site rotisserie prepared meats. Food that will have everyone begging to be invited and talking about long after the corporate picnic has taken place.

As our name reflects rotisserie style cooking is in our DNA, we have been catering corporate picnics this way in San Diego for the past 27 years and now have it down to a fine art.

When the word rotisserie cooking is mentioned many immediately think about rotisserie lamb or rotisserie pig which of course are our staples. What also works very well on a rotisserie are rotisserie chicken, tri tip roast and legs of lamb. These are threaded on the the skewer and slow cooked while being continually basted with our special marinade. The results are a very succulent finished product crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. You will not be limited to only one rotisserie. We have a number of these machines and can have one going with a whole rotisserie lamb while the other is busy cooking a combination of chicken and beef.

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We arrive at the venue of your choice hours beforehand and set up our custom built gas fired electric rotisserie. The chef get’s things underway keeping a watchful eye. As the meat begins to cook the smell starts to permeate the air and gets your guests taste buds tingling. Whole rotisserie lamb or rotisserie pig is carved directly off the rotisserie while the smaller are removed an sliced fresh.

All of this accompanied by your choice of sides and salads  along with rolls and whatever else is required to ensure a successful corporate picnic.

Want to try before you buy? We have a tasting room where by appointment we can set up a tasting session for you. Of course we also periodically have our deli events where you can also come and do some sampling.

So whether you’re feeding 30 or 5000 people we are well equipped and staffed to deal with any size event.

Rotisserie Affair Catering your full-service catering company, we can take care of:-

  • Rentals
  • Bar service
  • Entertainment
  • Valet Parking

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