The USS Midway has become a very popular location for High School Events. Rotisserie Affair Catering was recently appointed as an approved caterer aboard the USS Midway. Since then we have catered many different types of events.

High School Events

Homecoming starters

Winter Formal dinner

Graduation dessert

Prom finger food

Outdoor events often means cold food. This is not the case with Rotisserie Affair Catering. Long before the time we install our cooking and heating equipment right there on the deck of the USS Midway. Food is then plated directly from the heat source ensuring piping hot food.

We have many menus from which to choose and can even customize one for you.

Many of our customers consider us San Diego’s most experienced caterer. An Ideal choice for weddings, corporate, high school and family events! Unique cooking style and delicious menu options at an incredible value.

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